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preparing the web pageArea information technology security gains in US companies in recent years increasing importance, which is comparable to the requirements for reliability and availability of IT infrastructure and services. Security Solutions is a cross-discipline that extends to all areas of information technology and all the systems that the client uses. The aim is to establish rules and subsequently ensure compliance, or get them to users.

The biggest concern for companies and public institutions remains the threat of data corruption and the risk of leakage of customer information. In addition, concern is increasing also for corporate IT professionals from infection with malware. Other serious threats include accidental data leakage through employees of companies, sabotage or vice versa, ie the deliberate delivery of information from the company.

IT security systems which should protect sensitive data and know-how and business continuity are considered by our comapny as a critical feature in building information systems. Therefore, we follow generally recognized safety rules, known as the CIA triad: confidentiality, integrity and availability.

Experience over the years, our professionals use primarily in the areas of:
– infrastructure security
– business (project) security
– process safety

We provide a different approach to the issue of IT security. Our specialists do not see security as a product, but as an integral feature of the final solution and the associated process to ensure continuous and acceptable level of security.

Besides traditional infrastructure security we specialize in intellectual property protection and data movement, security, portal applications, virtualized environment, security consolidation and monitoring, disaster recovery and business continuity planning, process safety, risk analysis and security policy audits and penetration tests. The added value of our activities in this direction is the position of “Total Solution Partner”, which together with the customers is a complete infrastructure strictly in accordance with ISO standards and ITIL recommendations.

The reason for a proactive approach to security is mainly the fact that the cost of preventing security incidents are considerably lower than the costs associated with eliminating their impact.

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