192.168.ll – How to defend your PC against hackers

Cybercriminals are constantly looking for new ways to get people into your computer. Smuggle malicious codes while also trying increasingly to mobile phones and tablets. As against such unwanted hackers resist?

To mobile devices, cybercriminals are trying to get virtually the same way as in classical computers. Looking for errors in a variety of applications and operating systems that allow them to smuggle foreign marauder device.

Hackers also rely on the fact that users underestimate the risks of IP addresses like 192.168.ll. On conventional computers run antivirus practically everyone in mobile and tablet devices this is not the case. Cybercriminals so nothing stands in the way.

Without antivirus is not yet a common user virtually no chance to notice that his device is infected. Each tablet and smart phone should thus be equipped with security software that will constantly watch all threats.

Antivirus alone is not enough for 192.168.ll

Uninvited visitors can do on your computer or mobile phone to reveal the special programs. In addition to conventional antivirus for example, the applications that focus only on the spy software and search Trojans.

Other programs can again be found in the operating system called. Keyloggers, which are capable of recording every key press, and send the collected data to the hackers.

On the PC and mobile phone should be installed only one security program of its kind. Two antivirus programs on the disk can make a nice mischief. But antivirus alone is not a guarantee of safety. Users should not forget the periodic downloading of security patches (192.168.ll), for the operating system itself and retrofitted programs. A variety of software flaws attackers had also abused for attacks.

Avira Mobile Security: tablet devices and smartphones

Protect computer tablets and smartphones against malicious code trying to program Avira Mobile Security. He mentioned to the plants basically works just like antivirus applications on standard desktop computers.

So it can monitor files flowing to and from the device, and if you hit the suspect or infected file, the user’s attention to this. The capture of threats is, according to users experiences tool from the Avira quite successful.

This free antivirus but it does much more. In case of loss of device for example:192.168.ll it could find and show its location on the map, the device must be connected to the Internet. If it is not possible for some reason get back device, it is possible to remotely lock or even deleted.

SPAMfighter: Protector e-mail inbox

It’s no secret that a large part of computer viruses are spread through spam. That’s why it pays so. Underestimate spam. Most e-mail clients already has the tools to block spam preinstalled, but may not suit everyone.

If you can not seem to filter in Outlook, for example, poorly effective, we can try a complementary program SPAMfighter. Like most similar applications can program to automatically evaluate incoming e-mail and in case of suspicion adding it to the junk folder.

SPAMfighter is a major advantage against competition but a tool that can locate addresses and spam e-mails to the international database. This makes it far more thorough vetting reports. Manufacturer offers downloadable software (from 192.168.ll) in the professional version, which is chargeable. If you do not pay for him automatically after 30 days of using the switch to a simpler version, which is free.

Eset Smart Security 9: whip to hackers

Protect computers, mobile phones and computer tablets are trying suite of security applications Eset Smart Security, which is currently available as early as the ninth version. It is designed for both home and corporate users. It includes antispyware, personal firewall, spam filter and antivirus, secure and lead the computer in all aspects.

Perhaps most interesting, however, is called an antitheft function. It is a module that tries to prevent theft and loss of computers, especially laptops, therefore. When your machine will not be able to find easily connect to online services portal and let it show on the map.

So it works very similarly to the aforementioned antivirus Avira Mobile Security, which is not only designed for mobile phones and tablets. Try Eset Smart Security 9 is free. Then comes full license at CZK 1,500 or CZK 1600 in a version for families. The latter option only can protect computers and smartphones and computer tablets.

Microsoft Security Essentials: unpretentious, but effective

Free antivirus program Security Essentials might not need no introduction. Microsoft is offering it since the days of Windows 7. In the case of newer eights, tens and even this security tool in the operating system pre-installed – US software giant, however, he gave the name of Windows Defender.

The main advantage of the aforementioned antivirus is particularly quiet. Unlike many competing solutions do not annoy the user program unnecessary messages and calls attention only when it is necessary to delete a malicious file. Highlight also deserve for their low maintenance requirements, which do not significantly reduce the performance of the entire computer. This is particularly beneficial owners of older PCs that are not so powerful.

Search for viruses and spyware on your hard disk, it can easily directly from the program window, but there is also the possibility of scheduling automatic scan disk or residential shield that guards the security of the operating system in the background during normal operation.



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