HOW TO SET UP TP-Link wifi router

TP-Link setup step by step

Wifi router settings may not be easy at first glance, but jointly we can do it in a few steps. Sit back, open your Internet browser and enter the address of your router settings. It will be either or You will see a window on login

To the form that you see the complete credentials. User name is “admin” and password is “admin”. This press OK. If you login fails, it is possible that you had previously changed the password. In this case it is recommended to reboot the router. Find the small “reset” button on the router for 20 seconds and press it and hold it. Subsequently, repeat the registration process.

If you’ve done everything correctly, congratulations, you are in the administration wifi router.

Setting up WiFi devices

You can see the properties of your machine. In paragraph “LAN” you see the inside of your home network settings. And for it in the “WAN” you see outside your wifi router settings. Click “WAN” mostly use your ISPs. There is mentioned for example. “MAC Address” which often require your provider to sign up for their network (enabling this address for you is a functional internet).

Let’s get to our wireless network settings. Hover in the left menu under the item “Wireless”. This will open a more detailed menu. Select “Wireless Settings” and set here under “SSID” name your own network (see. Fig. 3). For example I filled this name called “Home”. You can enter anything. This is the network name that everyone who sees you can search for wireless networks within range. The item “Region” definetly a specific “Czech Republic”. Press the “Save” now and then “Reboot”, wait a moment, and your wireless network name is changed.

Now go to the “Wireless Security” from the name implies that it will be the security settings of your wireless network. Here you select the section named “WPA-PSK / WPA2-PSK ‘is the most secure and allows you to set a password on any name or composite characters. In the field “PSK Password” enter your selected password which must contain a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 63 any characters / letters / numbers (see. Fig. 4). I wrote a pattern for password “nemesis5”. Again, you press “Save” and then “Reboot”, wait a moment, and your wireless network is secure.

And thus you have your wireless network named and set your own password, everything should now work properly.



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