What does ping mean?

Ping means Packet Internet Groper = response, and among others the greatest enemy of players of online games. Its value is expressed in milliseconds (ms), ie thousandths of seconds. It depends on several factors, especially the workload of the server you are connecting to the physical distance point to which you connect, connection quality, connection speed etc.

Path specifies the ping packet meaning

Imagine what happens between you click the mouse to something eg. In a game they did, and that before this game and learn really happens.

The information must overcome the physical distance to the target server, ie. that it must actually be in the cable as surely happen, and here we are limiting speed maximum speed 299,792 km / s. ie. that if you joined the server more distant from you 10,000 kilometers already have a ping around 33ms to it and must be added x nodes through which information must also time for processing end server and minimal ping at this distance in civilian networks will be so around 100ms under ideal conditions, but in fact rather more.

It can also increase the active firewalls errors in connection faulty network card, modem or other problems on the local PC.

Ping meaning and games

If the ping gets to number around 200ms (0.2s) says that a player is called. Lags, and because every action, whether it is a movement or anything else taking place against the other players with a delay of 0.2s is difficult to perform against some players llagging events as well as for players with high pings a very difficult game to play.

It depends on the game type, eg. In World of Warcraft is normal ping 300, and because it has almost all the players and the nature of the game itself is designed to ping have to be extremely low, no problem, on the contrary the shooters with this ping game becomes unplayable.
For 3D action should have ping max 50, but ideally 30 – 40ms (0,03-0,04s) which is the value that is quite difficult to achieve, but it is possible and if this is not ping brain can detect the difference between action and reaction simply the brain detects a time lag.

Ping at 60ms or more (depending on the individuals trained player less) already discernible slight delay. Ie. if you click on the mouse for shooting, you can register the shot in the game itself took place after a delay.

What does ping mean for your download speed?

There is no significance of low ping as big as the games you are surfing the Internet is concerned, would you bother importance ping began to 2000ms in values (2s) and more. When downloading data ping is practically irrelevant matter.

Does ping mean that your internet quality is low?

The quality of the Internet today is still growing, and with it commensurate response decline connections, however, are different connection types that are widely used due to lower response technology and those who have a higher response.

There’s going to take a very general and therefore: Low Pings can be expected by cable, ADSL (, etc. in. worse for wireless connections such as Wi-Fi or internet from mobile operators. Connection as a solid line achieves such low speed that in them is very high.

How to detect the ping server

To determine the response of the server used base. This command literally verifies the availability and quality of connecting computers within TCP/IP.

You can use the command, you need the server name, or Reject IP address ( of the server that you want to test the connection, if you know it, start a command prompt “Start / Programs / Accessories / Command Prompt” or “Start / Run and type in cmd.exe field or just cmd. ” and type ping and the server name. eg: ping

After the filter will be sent to the server by default 4 packets which will be answered at. When connecting the ideal response value should be as low as possible and to all sent packets should be addressed if some lost there is a problem and a path to the server is not entirely clear.



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