Ping test. Learn how to do it on your PC or MAC

Use ping test to test your internet connection

Operating on a simple ping test to determine where the proles that causes the error, you’ve seen and what we can do.

This test finds out whether a computer that interests us is for us right now achievable. This means that our network requirement passes to him, and he responds to us, that is functional and that response is through the network back to us again. This test says nothing about whether the computer is running on a service and whether it is for us such a service is available. Service means, for example, website and postal services.

On your computer, open a command line window. In Windows, the most commonly icon Command Lina Window, or Command / Windows 10.

test your ping in windows operating system
Then in the box write a statement. It has two parts (words) separated by a space and then exits the Enter key. The first word is the ping test and the second word is either the name or address of the computer whose availability testing.

how testing your ping looks like

What is the name of a well-known links to websites, addresses are 4 numbers separated by dots between them; Numbers can only be from 0 to 255 (always written in normal decimal system, unlike the MAC address, which is written in hexadecimal unusual – see below).

ping test to retrieve your IP adress

As we can see, Windows does ping test 4 times. If a single test is successful, it is interesting to us time data / time, which indicates how long it took our request arrived to the destination and answer back.

At the end of the statistical data for all four passes. If any single test fails, we get no information on duration, but we have some other buzz – may be different.

If any single test passes and some not, it means that the journey there and back is not reliable, and more or less our requests and responses are lost along the way.

Now we can already ping test and we can also detect whether the network between us and the target computer is fine, or has problems, but it works, or no patent.

Availability ping test to locating the problem

This test is similar to the ping test. We will use it if the ping test has failed and we want to know how far along the road to reach our goal, but our requirement encounters a problem.

Opens the command prompt and type the command (as in Test A1):
tracert -n name
tracert -n address
Thus, e.g.
tracert -n
tracert -n

Each row represents a jump of output. For each jump will execute this command three tests. If any of these subtests fails, the asterisk (*).

C: \> tracert

Tracing route to with a maximum of 30 hops

1 <1 ms <1 ms <1 ms
2 83 ms 34 ms 85 ms link2zvahov.dvorce.pjih.czf [
3 * * * Request timed out.
4 * * * Request timed out.
5 * * * Request timed out.

If the addressed ( computer is available, the command ends line corresponding to this computer, and each line corresponds to a router / network node lying from our computer to the target.

If the addressed computer is not available, corresponding to the last valid last line of the available network node on the path to the goal. Other lines then have only * * * and then there will be a total of 30 (usually).

I should write more correctly test the availability of the Web server, or test the availability of Web services. The test is very simple, but I would venture to explain some of its context.

The test is actually what about each of you does when he wants to look at a web page. Internet browser in the header to give the desired page address and press Enter. They may encounter two situations.

1. Web page appears. Everything seems to be fine. But oddly enough, it may not be 100% true. Therefore, when you view the page click on Refresh / Reload in our internet browser. Only when the selected page properly re-reads we can be satisfied.

The second a long time nothing happens and eventually, instead of the requested page shows some error messages.
This may be due to four reasons:

2a. The computer, which runs the Web is inaccessible (the path to it is interrupted). This status can be verified by ping test A.

2b. The computer on which the web runs off. Differentiate between them 2a and 2b states can not (if there is not surrender foot).

2c. While the computer is available, but the Web service running on it. Simply because on that computer, nothing like that, or the web being stopped, or is malfunctioning.

2d. On the computer Web service is running, but we are not allowed to use it.

And now as the Internet browser, email address.

Each Web site has a basic page that you access when writing http: //name/index.html, where name is the name of the server / computer.

For example:

Almost all Web sites but can not standard word index.html replenish themselves, so I can easily write: or

All current browser, they are able to add http protocol type, and therefore I can write and thus also

Some browsers have also added even know how it www, so sometimes it goes the way

This last entry recommend occasionally happen unseen things. We are still referred to a Web server using its name. Such a name almost everyone has a publicly accessible Web site.

Everyone is, however, address and so I refer to it as the place where I wrote the name, enter its address. so instead can write 192.168.ll
and I get the same result. Of course this also applies to all of the above contraction.

What different types of ping tests can we perform?

The first difference we have already said, there is always the address, the name almost always. If the URL link, the browser will immediately begin to connect to the server.

If the link name, browser requests the DNS service, which is a special kind batabáze. This service searches for the specified name and translates it to the address.

After that, the browser may begin to associate with the desired server using the translated address. The consequence of this procedure is only one. If everything works correctly, there is no difference. However, if the DNS service had a breakdown, I could connect the site with the address, but not by name.

Whether it is working properly DNS translation, can I check pings. Note that ping us after invoking the name initially said as the desired address of the computer, and then only 4 times in a row this address he said. Refer to test A1. If DNS does not work, or we enter a non-existent address, ping answer me this:

C: \> ping what it is not
Check the host name and try again.
C: \>

So now we can see whether on a PC running a publicly accessible Web service, and we are able to connect to it. Additionally, we have learned and determine whether the network exists a certain name, if it exists, so we can find out what the address matches and we can confirm that we have properly functioning DNS service.

For some tests, we will need its own address. There is good but we can learn only when everything is working properly. We find it using the ipconfig command, which we write in the command line window (like ping). It will look something like this:

C: \> ipconfig
Configuring Windows IP

Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection:
DNS Suffix. . . :
IP address. . . . . . . . . . . . : 192.168.ll
Subnet mask. . . . . . . . . . : 255255255224
Default Gateway. . . . . . . . . . : 192.168.ll
C: \>
In this example, the custom address

Beware, it may happen that the server sees our station under a different address. That’s because an active network element it was “on the way” changed, it is called NAT (Network Address Translation). Look here, not only this, but a few, maybe useful information.

Internet is not working. What is the problem?

  1. Test whether the network is working on my computer

To testing your ping (test A1) to your own address (test C). Attention own name not be used !.
If the test fails, the error is either on my computer or server, to which I attached when using DHCP. In any case, it hardly solve without the cooperation of the server administrator. Calling the server administrator.

2. Test whether it works my client radio

This only applies to those who are connected by radio through hardware devices, such as. Ovislink WL-1120AP. I try to ping the address of the device, or try to view the Web interface. If the test fails, the problem lies with me.

3. Test whether it works AP / router

In this and the next steps I will always be network elements such as their name and their address. Applicable are always both options. But if a test fails, I would always try it both options.
I try to ping ap.zvahov.pjih.czf (, alternatively can also test site that runs at the same address. But if the test fails on the web, I must always have a ping test.

4. Test the other jumps on the way to the Internet

I can only test one next jump, which is a router on Bonton (ZPNet) and then any server in the Internet. Information about what routers are between those two points, plus we have it with time may vary.
I am testing as 1c and for
ZPNet: ap.zpnet.pjih.czf (
On the Internet, for example
Second Nejede me CZFree.Net. Where is the mistake?


5. Test the other jumps on the way to CZFree.Net

I can only test one next jump, which is a router backyards and then just one computer in czf, who want to access. For information about which nodes are the only you can find out directly from the network czf, but very difficult, and not all.
I am testing as 1c and for
Areola ap.dvorce.pjih.czf (, and runs on Dvorcích web.

I can not receive mail

3a. Check the availability of your mail server using ping (test A1). For example: test ping:
3b. Check the correct settings of your mail client (eg. Outlook Express), and try restarting your computer.
3c. Make sure your box is active, not crowded or have another problem. Use the Web Client on your mail server. For example:
3d. If all the above steps in order and it still does not work, try some suitable prayer in your religion, or a complaint before Bill Gates. No guarantee. :-)))

I can not send mail

4a. Check the availability of your SMTP server ( using ping (test A1). So: ping
4b. Check the correct settings of your mail client (eg. Outlook Express), and try restarting your computer.
4c. Custom SMTP service can be checked directly, such as Telnet, but it probably will have to leave the specialist or an expert to become ;-).
5th DNS does not work

5a. Check the availability of your primary DNS server as the computer (192.168.ll) using ping (test A1). So: ping
5b. Check the availability of your primary DNS server as a service (ap.zvahov.pjih.czf) using ping (test A1). So: ping ap.zvahov.pjih.czf. Ping test must translate the name ap.zvahov.pjih.czf address (Alternatively, you can try the translation of the name of a server from the Internet, for example
5b. When not working properly primary DNS server, it does not matter, they just would work secondary. Therefore we try same test as 5b, but the name ap.dvorce.pjih.czf address
5d. If one does not work properly DNS server, contact the administrator.
6th DHCP does not work

It applies only to those users who are using automatic IP address, or if DHCP.

6a. Find out using the C test whether your computer has been assigned the correct IP address. Surely there must be in the range
6b. If your computer even after rebooting get the correct address, you can configure it to him tightly. You need to set the IP, subnet mask and gateway. Values must be identified in advance, see test C.
6c. If neither a fixed address is not available on your next router / hub (192.168.ll), contact the administrator.
7. How do I find my own MAC address

MAC address, or if the Ethernet address, or if the hardware address, or if the physical address is a number that is “tight” is assigned to a network interface (simply plug) computers.

It is six eight-bit numbers (range 0-255) usually separated by colons or dashes, but usually the numbers are written in decimal but hexadecimal (uses the digits 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 A B C D E F).

At the earliest adapters that number was fixed “hardwired” in most contemporary adapters, this number can be changed (only for expert :-)))).
In Windows, find this number command ipconfig / all. Example output:

C: \> ipconfig / all
Configuring Windows IP
Hostname. . . . . . . . . : pocitac123
The primary DNS suffix. . . . . . . :
Node type. . . . . . . . . . . . : unknown
IP Routing Enabled. . . . . . : No
WINS Proxy Enabled. . . . . . . : No
Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection:
DNS Suffix. . . :
Description. . . . . . . . . . . . . . VIA Rhine II Fast Ethernet Adapter
Physical Address. . . . . . . . . . : 00-0C-76-AA-28-CF
DHCP is enabled. . . . . . : Yes
Automatic configuration allowed: Yes
IP address. . . . . . . . . . . . :
Subnet mask. . . . . . . . . . : 255255255224
Default Gateway. . . . . . . . . . :
The DHCP server. . . . . . . . . . . :
DNS servers. . . . . . . . . . . :
Loaned. . . . . . . . . . . . : August 30, 2005 10:28:08 p.m.
Loan expires. . . . . . . . . : August 31, 2005 10:28:08
C: \>
(MAC stands for Media Access Controll and it is the second sublayer second layer of the seven layer OSI model)

Measuring speed of internet connection

Without any special programs can be measured using a stopwatch and speed of downloading a large enough (but not too) file. The appropriate files on our server to learn here.

To measure the transmission speed (download and upload) can be found on the Internet a series of programs on a number of servers. Of course they are located at different companies, service providers and differ substantially properties.

Method of downloading a file and possibly some of the methods used by those sites) has the disadvantage that for high speed measurements can be distorted by the computer during the read and write to disk.

This disadvantage is not specialized programs, such as those listed on the websites. Such a program is also used iperf. Executable program for Windows can be found both on the link (latest version) and also here.

The program can translate for Linux and so is running the server and applied and will appeal to Copenhagen to be run on the server ZPNet. The servers are obviously running mode server (iperf -s) and surely correctly guessed that the programs can work between different platforms (Windows and Unix).



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