What is ping

Even after reading the headline, most of you will say that it makes no sense to continue reading, because this issue concerning ping command means nothing to you.

However, the purpose of this article is to clarify this statement to those who do not know or do not know all the relevant options. I have to say that we will deal mainly pings Windows operating systems.

Why the “ping” actually serve?

Ping is one of the simplest commands that are used to diagnose problems in the network. Its return value is the time it takes a packet to travel from your computer to the destination computer and back (ie. Roundtrip time). This time is typically measured in milliseconds.

How do I start and what are its other characteristics?

To start PING will need to open the Command Prompt, which is found in every Windows program offer, usually in the location of the Start Menu> Programs> Accessories> Command Prompt.

Commands that shaped ping ip_or name parameters and confirm its performance ENTER. If we want to know for how long coasts packet from your computer to the server on which it resides our blog, enter: ping 19216811.help. This command we launched the 4 test, which in my case returned the following result:

what is ping

Here we see that our computer sends test packets 4 and all the back in time 11,9,10 and 8 milliseconds. There was therefore no packet loss (loss rate is usually called packetloss) along the way. Following another statistic fastest, slowest and average response time. If you are thinking that such statistics from four samples makes no sense, you’re right. Therefore, we also tell you about other parameters that allow us to customize the command in his own image.

If we want to calculate an average, certainly we achieve more relevant results when you perform testing on more than just 4x, or you adjust the size of the packet sent.

So let’s use one of the following parameters:

-sent pockets this parameter you determine how many times will ping testing, so we can enter a command in the following format 192.168.ll ping -n 1000 on the outcome while you wait for a while, but in this sample data can already be taken into account statistic that after completion of testing.

-t – this parameter is freer, saying his entering the ping command to test over and over until the moment when he quit yourself by pressing CTRL + C.

-l value – standard packet size on Ethernet networks (and hence the size of the test packet sent the ping) is 1500 bytes, if we need to test network throughput larger packet can happen this parameter and specify its size. The maximum size depends on the MTU value set on routers, over which packet must pass through to the goal. Let’s try to conclude how long 50kB passes to the server and back visiting ping -l 50,000th

in conclusion

This offer useful parameters do not stop, but for us it will be those mentioned enough, and if you’re interested in the other, simply enter ping itself and will their announcement.



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